Hello again, on this fine Wednesday morning… I’m sitting here sipping tea, trying to gather the motivation to get something done. Anything… I got the girl off to school and now have started the fire so perhaps by bedtime my house might be warm. It’s been a few weeks since my furnace fuel ran out […]

Last night I got my car all the way up my driveway for the first time since the big snow came. This means it is spring… even though it’s not really spring, but sort of, kind of. Now I don’t have to drag a sleeping six-year-old up the lane, in the dark, with 7 bags […]

Hello all… I woke up today and realized that I am now waking after the sun has on a regular basis. Thank goodness. And the Canadian air is warming, ever so slightly… maple sugaring is about to begin and I just feel like there is more energy to get things done. Winter has gone by […]