Canadian Folk music gem, Catherine MacLellan returns with her most anticipated seventh album. COYOTE, 14 songs recorded and self-produced at her studio in PEI, is reflective and hopeful; a travelogue through heartbreak, loss and the joy of life. A musician’s musician, respected by her peers for her talent and dedication to the craft of songwriting. A craft she had a front row seat to at an early age, watching her father, the legendary Gene MacLellan. Seven albums and countless awards, including a JUNO for Raven’s Sun, Catherine’s commitment remains at the heart of her work, evident to fans and industry alike.

  1. Coyote
  2. Roll With The Wind
  3. Road Is Divided
  4. Out of Time
  5. Breath of a Wind
  6. The Tempest
  7. Emmet’s Song
  8. Night Crossing
  9. Sweet By & By
  10. Out of Nowhere
  11. Come Back In
  12. All the Way In
  13. Waiting On My Love
  14. Too Many Hearts

If It’s Alright With You – The Songs of Gene MacLellan

There are skillful tributes and heartfelt homages. And then there’s If It’s Alright With You – The Songs of Gene MacLellan, a legacy project like no other which finds acclaimed folk singer/songwriter Catherine MacLellan covering songs by her late father, the legendary Gene MacLellan, with a magnificence only blood ties can summon. Available now, via True North Records.

  1. The Pages of Time
  2. If It’s Alright With You
  3. Thorn In My Shoe
  4. The Call
  5. Snowbird
  6. Put Your Hand In The Hand
  7. Just Wanna Be Loved By You
  8. Won’t Talk About Love
  9. Lonesome River
  10. Face In The Mirror
  11. Biding My Time
  12. Faces
  13. Shilo Song

The Raven’s Sun

The Raven’s Sun takes the listener further along Catherine’s journey in song, delving deeper into the territories of life, death and transformation. Produced by her long–time musical partner Chris Gauthier, The Raven’s Sun shines a light on their musical chemistry and catches them both at their best.

Recorded in the woods outside of Woodstock, NY by GRAMMY Award–winning Danny Blume, it features stellar guest performances by Nashville fiddler Andy Leftwich. This album is another reminder that Catherine’s songwriting and musicianship are unparalleled among performers of her generation.

  1. The Raven’s Sun
  2. Don’t Call Me Stranger
  3. Tell Me Luella
  4. Gone Too Soon
  5. Jack’s Song
  6. Beneath The Lindens
  7. Rushing Winding Wind
  8. Left On My Own
  9. Frost In The Hollows
  10. Hold On
  11. Winter Spring

Snowbird: The Songs of Gene MacLellan

Recorded live during the Just Bidin’ My Time: A Tribute to Gene MacLellan concert at Zion Presbyterian Church in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Featuring performances by Catherine MacLellan, Lennie Gallant, Meaghan Blanchard, Dennis Ellsworth & Haunted Hearts, Ron Hynes, Scott Parsons, and John Connolly.

Musical director John Connolly, Produced for the CBC by Karl Falkenham.

  1. Won’t Talk About Love (Catherine MacLellan)
  2. The Call (Lennie Gallant)
  3. Faces (Meaghan Blanchard)
  4. Snowbird (Catherine MacLellan)
  5. Continental Blues (Dennis Ellsworth & Haunted Hearts)
  6. Just Want to be Loved By You (Scott Parsons)
  7. Shilo Song (Lennie Gallant and Meaghan Blanchard)
  8. If It’s Alright With You (Catherine MacLellan)
  9. Face in the Mirror (Dennis Ellsworth & Haunted Hearts)
  10. Thorn in My Shoe (John Connolly)
  11. Godspeed (Ron Hynes)
  12. Put Your Hand in the Hand (Ensemble)


Silhouette is the highly anticipated new album from Catherine MacLellan. The record captures MacLellan at her best—stitching together elegantly woven songs with her memorable blend of heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies.

Produced by David Baxter and featuring special guest performances from Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo fame and folk songstress Jadea Kelly.

  1. Stealin’
  2. Keep On Fighting
  3. Now Ad Then
  4. Eastern Girl
  5. Keep My Eye On You
  6. Lines On The Road
  7. Black Crow
  8. Sparrows
  9. Old Tin Can
  10. Trickle Down Rain
  11. True Love
  12. Same Way Again
  13. Snowbird
  14. Chop That Wood

Water In The Ground

Water In The Ground was released by True North Records in March 2009, the limited edition package includes a re-release of Catherine’s first solo album, Dark Dream Midnight.

“Here’s a vote for Catherine MacLellan, whose upcoming third album will melt more than a few hearts this miserable winter. Seriously, if your throat is lump-free after the devastating goodbye song ‘Flowers On Your Grave’, check your pulse. MacLellan is that good and that ready for prime time.”
— John Law, The Niagara Falls Review

  1. Take A Break
  2. Water In The Ground
  3. Hotel Stairs
  4. Isabel’s Song
  5. Something Gold
  6. All Those Years
  7. Set This Heart On Fire
  8. All Our Sorrows Drown
  9. Not Much To Do (Not Much To Say)
  10. Again From The Start
  11. Everything’ll Be Alright
  12. Flowers On Your Grave

Church Bell Blues

“Released independently a year ago, the album—she recorded in her brother’s home studio with just a couple of guitars because &slquo;I wanted it to be as intimate as a living room performance and we didn’t have much money&srquo;—has developed critical mass since Toronto roots music powerhouse True North Records picked it up a few months back. A follow-up to her 2004 solo debut, Dark Dream Midnight, Church Bell Blues is stark, confessional, brutally honest. Its intense narratives invite self-examination and invoke universal experiences.”
— Greg Quill, The Star (Toronto)

  1. Dreams Dissolve
  2. Emily’s Song
  3. River Valley Plains
  4. Too Easy
  5. There You Are
  6. The Long Way Home
  7. Stronger
  8. Snow Day
  9. Church Bell Blues
  10. January Song
  11. Brave Love
  12. Long Time

Dark Dream Midnight

  1. Dark Dream Midnight
  2. Don’t Need No One
  3. Journeys With You
  4. Jubilee
  5. House Of Love
  6. Family Names
  7. Couldn’t Wake Up
  8. Until One Of Us Goes
  9. That Line Between Us
  10. February Song
  11. Union News
  12. Packed My Bags
  13. Shadow Into Light
  14. Time Stands Still