Well, It’s been an incredible last few months, traveling to California, Newfoundland, Yellowknife and almost everywhere in between! There have also been some amazing moments at home, including (most recently) my daughter’s 6th birthday. My tomatoes survived the rainy summer, our beautiful autumn in Prince Edward Island made up a bit for all the wet […]

Hey folks, Just back from the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso, NS. It is truly one of the last “real” folk festivals, in the tradition of the 60’s folks song and singer/songwriters with a good mix of traditional Irish and Scottish music thrown in as well. We had a great time playing and seeing […]

Hey folks, Back again on the Dixon Road once more… home of legendary parties, great food, wonderful neighbours, and me. I am one lucky folk singer. I just got back from a trip to San Francisco and Yosemite where Chris and I played the amazing Strawberry Music Festival. So, imagine being in one of the […]

Hey folks, writing to you from outside Belfast… it’s so beautiful here, and we’ve been welcomed by friends and mild weather. Waiting for a beautiful meal that’s being prepared for us, I thought I’d let you know what’s going on. I’m here in Ireland with Dave Gunning, Ron Hynes and (soon) Rose Cousins. A little […]

Well, Music PEI week is here, and with it a busy time for everyone here on the island. A lot of shows happening this week, and tonight I’ll be in Hunter River at the Harmony House as part of the songwriter’s circle. They’ll present the Songwriter of the Year award, I believe…. who will it […]

Hey Folks, I’m slowly transferring all of my old posts over here to WordPress. It’s been a long time overdue. Myspace has been failing me in so many ways for so long. Soon I will give it up entirely. It is very winterish here in PEI. Snow covers everything and will be here to stay […]

Originally posted : March 17, 2010 These days are all seeming like a blur. People and places whizzing past as I jet around this crazy world of ours. And it’s a beautiful thing. I’m finding myself a bit out of whack today. It doesn’t seem real, but the weather in Austin is amazing. This is […]

Originally Posted : July 28, 2010 I went into my garden today, urged by a friend to be attentive of my garlic. Garlic, the one thing in the garden you can pretty much ignore from the time you plant it in the fall until the stalks start dying at the end of summer. Well, early […]