COYOTE live video and documentary out today!

Today is the day!
My COYOTE Live video is finally coming out!

I know you’re all hearing about this film project more recently, but for me it’s been a big heart project for over a year and a half… 
Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my youtube channel and is getting notifications.
I wasn’t able to tour the COYOTE record because of the pandemic, and filming a live version of it, bringing you all into my home to talk about the songs, it seemed like the best way to share it.

I had the absolute best team of filmmakers, audio engineers, art department, editors, producers and cheerleaders the whole way along. Oh, and my BAND! I love them all so much!
For a while I wasn’t sure I was even going to put it out. And there were a lot of options for what to do with it. Ultimately I wanted to get it into as many hands/ears/eyes/hearts as possible so I am releasing the entire thing today, for free. 

If you’re here, reading this note, then I am so grateful to you for being a friend, fan, observer…

I’m not very good at asking for things, but I will right now.
Would you help me share this project?


PS: If you’re around the Maritimes or Ontario this summer, come find me at at show!