Summer dates and live video!

First of all…THANK YOU!

Thank you for sticking with me. It’s been such a strange and wild ride these last few years, and as musicians we are not out of the thick of it yet. I feel your support, and I hope that I can send that support forward to all those who need it.

Here are a few of the main things happening right now:

  • I’m having an East Coast Summer! (mostly) 
  • The Songs of Gene MacLellan are BACK!
  • Catherine MacLellan’s Song House at Small Halls in June
  • BIG NEWS! I’m releasing a live performance video of COYOTE

Summer plans

My summer is looking very sweet to me – there’s nothing like a Maritime summer, it’s warm days with the ocean breeze and a vegetable garden on the go. I don’t always get to stay so close to home, but this summer I’m only heading off island twice: 

Other than that, I’m staying home to play some really incredible spaces. Hot tip, the small halls gig is at Mt Zion United Church and will feature Lydia Persaud, Jim Bryson and Noah Malcolm – all of us sharing cowrites we did together. Ah! My heart!!!!


8 shows only this summer in Summerside, PE

5 years ago I had the chance of a lifetime to create a show based on my dad’s life and music. And it was a roaring success – two back to back sold out seasons! And now I’m bringing it back to the stage, this time in my hometown of Summerside PEI at the Harbourfront Theatre. 
I’ll have an incredible band with me, we’re all chomping at the bit to get on that stage!
I’ve also rewritten the show and added some really cool audio clips and new images of my dad. This time around I wanted to choose a few different songs, and use some of the new stories that I gathered over the last few years. I can’t wait to share this very personal and vibrant story with you. 

  • What: The Songs of Gene MacLellan
  • When: July 4 – August 23 – 8 SHOWS ONLY
  • Where: Harbourfront Theatre, Summerside PEI
  • Tickets are on sale now here.

Last, but not least: A live video!

About a year and a half ago I recorded a live video with my beautiful band. We did the songs from my album COYOTE. 
It was a way to share with all of you the live version of Coyote that I wasn’t able to tour because of the pandemic. We captured some really beautiful moments and sounds and fun versions of these songs. We also shot some documentary style intros for the songs, where I talk about the origins of the songs, and the recording of the album. It’s a really personal look into where I was and how the album came to be.

Plus you can meet my cat and dog.
The video will be released in its full form on YouTube on June 8th. 
It took me a long time to decided HOW to release it, with lots of feedback about paywalls and such. But that’s the last thing I want. Many of the shows I play are ticketed at a price that makes them inaccessible to some and this at least makes sure that everyone can see my live band show.
So if you feel like sharing this news, please do. I’ll be posting in the next week or so on all my socials.  
And make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get a link to the premiere. 

That’s it for now!
Thanks again for keeping in the loop and I hope to see you somewhere soon!