Spring Flings…

Hello friends!
Life has been pretty strange over the last couple of years and the one thing I have come to realize is that I need to be in community.
Are you feeling that? I miss you. I miss shows and I miss travelling around this beautiful world.
So I’m getting back to playing, a little bit at a time. I have a few things coming up, in person and on line and I’d love to see you!
I’m still mostly performing at home in PEI, on the East Coast and this summer I will be heading out to Western Canada again.
But here are a few of the main things happening right now:

April 29 – May 1: GOOD GRIEF Songwriter’s Workshop with Jonathan Byrd
May 8: Mother’s Day shows with the Smitten Family Band
May 14: Georgetown PEI show with Tanya Davis
June 10: Festival of Small Halls opening concert

Good Grief songwriting Workshop

GOOD GRIEF: Jonathan Byrd Songwriting Workshop with special guest writer, Catherine MacLellan.

Songwriting is the greatest tool I’ve found for communicating and expressing grief. I was an extremely shy and introverted kid, I had no way to talk about the loss of my father at 14. Through writing poems and songs and beginning to share them with people, I was able to move through the pain and start to allow it to transform me. What or who have you lost, and are you ready to dig into those feelings and memories? I want to hear your stories and see how you can transform your sorrows into song.

Who: Jonathan Byrd & Catherine MacLellan
What: GOOD GRIEF Songwriting Workshop
When: Apr 29 – May 1, 2022
Where: online
Why: Good Grief is a workshop about understanding loss through songwriting. Though experienced songwriters are welcome, no songwriting or musical experience is required.
There is very limited room for this workshop so if you’re interested please sign up here.

Some very sad news in PEI this month. We lost the beautiful Pastelle Leblanc. She battled cancer over the last two years, and was an inspiration to all of us for her courage, positivity and her unfailing commitment to healing. Known for her bright spirit and incredible musicianship, she travelled the world with her twin sister Emmanuelle and her partner Pascal Miousse as the trio Vishten. I was so lucky to have had her play on my last album, Coyote, and to have been a part of their musical project last year called “Connexions”
I encourage you to take a deep dive into the music of Vishten, and if you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with the musical traditions of the Acadian people here in PEI. Here is a great video to get you up to speed!
Pastelle leaves behind a large community of friends, family and fans who love her deeply. Her light will never fade from those who knew her.

Be safe and kind out there… and thanks as always for being here with me.