Little Rabbit Barn

It’s hard to believe I spent less than 48 hours in England, what a short but very sweet time.
After my flight from Halifax was delayed by 14 hours, I arrived at Heathrow and was met by the lovely duo Terry and Vicki who were my gracious hosts in Sevenoaks.
Saturday morning, we took the windy road around London and up to Ardleigh where I was honoured to play at the (not so) Little Rabbit Barn for the third time.
Also on the bill were the super fun Dexeter band and the fabulous and graceful Rosie of the Worry Dolls.

Little Rabbit Barn lineup so far...
Little Rabbit Barn lineup so far…

After a great show and lots of laughs, I got to stay in Ardleigh and wake to the sounds of the chickens clucking (and thankfully not the rooster crowing.) On that very sunniest of Sundays I had the apparently rare treat of helping in the conversion of the Little Rabbit Barn from a venue that holds 100 people back to a car port. (I was the first artist to help tear it down.)
A little manual labour was just the ticket and helped work off the sticky toffee pudding later on.
We took a country drive to Dedham for Sunday dinner and then another short drive to the massive port at Harwich (pronounced hair-itch – now I know…) where I was the last person on the ferry to Holland.
I can’t thank LRBs Jonathan and Lyn enough for adopting me for the day. It was such a pleasure to be back there.
Now, after a night ride to Hoek van Holland across the North Sea, I find myself in the Netherlands with a few days to myself before heading to Ede on the 21st.
Landing in Holland
Landing in Holland

What a joy and how lucky am I that this is my job.
Thanks for your support and see you along the road!

Thursday, April 21 – Ede, NL
Friday, April 22 – Netphen, DE
Saturday, April 23 – Aachen, DE
Sunday, April 24 – Dortmund, DE
Monday, April 25 – Wesel, DE
Wednesday, April 27 – Dillenburg, DE
Thursday, April 28 – Frankfurt, DE
Friday, April 29 – M√ľnchen, DE
Saturday, April 30 – Stans, CH
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