April 2016 Solo Tour of Europe

Happy spring everyone!

Hard for me to believe that I head off today for a solo tour of Europe!
I’m really excited to be bringing with me a new body of work, tons of new songs that I’ve been working on over the last year or so and will be the heart of my next record.
This past year, my partner Chris has been building us a studio. He started with cutting down trees, milling them up into boards and posts, and has had his hand in every aspect of this project. It’s so great to see what he has accomplished, from clearing an empty plot of land in the woods to a three room building with trim and hardwood floors and tall ceilings. I can’t wait to get in there to record! But wait I must, as he continues to put the finishing touches on the space and fill it with gear and love.

Dunk River Sound Studio
Studio construction

With https://www.sihspune.org/propecia.php Chris working away on that, it means I am free to fly on my own, and though I’m sad to be heading out without him and his guitar, I’m feeling so pumped to share these new songs and remember who I am on my own!
I am once again so grateful to be able to make a living from music, to be able to connect with you all through song and to travel the world with a guitar on my back.
Please feel free to share this post with folks you know in Europe… and if there are any songs you’d really like to hear me sing, please let me know which ones so I can make sure to include them in my sets.
I hope to see you along the road.
Here is a list of my dates for this solo tour of Europe, and for more info please visit www.catherinemaclellan.com
Catherine MacLellan tour dates
April 2016 European Dates


  1. Our loving thoughts accompany you on your exciting musical venture- take good care of yourself.

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