Eastern Belles, New Dates & Woodpiles

So it has been one crazy year since I last posted, so I feel like I should give you some updates.

I was nominated for 2 Junos and won 1 for Roots Album of the year, which is not news to anyone really at this point. I have to say, though, that it really meant a lot to Chris and me. This was an album that we made exactly the way we wanted to and people seem to like it as much as we are proud of it. We couldn’t join the Juno festivities as we were in Europe, but we celebrated all the same!

Since then, I have been working away at music, touring around the Northern Hemisphere, spending a lot of time writing and co-writing and even starting up a new project, The Eastern Belles.

The Belles are made up of Ashley Condon, Meaghan Blanchard and me, and it all began with a little adventure in co-writing. We are all based out of Prince Edward Island but we tended to only see each other at festivals, conferences and elsewhere along the road. As a way to build community here at home, we started getting https://www.rossitchpediatricdentistry.com/buy-clomid/ together and writing with a whole slew of songwriters in Charlottetown.

After writing a few songs together, we three gals thought maybe doing some trio shows would be nice, and somehow ended up with a band. And it’s awesome. Super fun playing new music and singing harmonies and learning the mandolin.

Kiss pics 138

We just got back from a little molecular Eastern Belles tour in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and are planning on being back there in November 2016.

Currently I’m winding things up for the year, taking some time at home, but I do have a few shows left.

November 6: Trailside Cafe, Mt Stewart, PE
December 12: Seneca Queen Theatre, Niagara Falls, ON
December 14: Hugh’s Room, Toronto, ON

So much work to do at home this time of year, I am in the midst of practising my chainsaw skills on the firewood and creating a mighty fine woodpile. Not a fancy pinterest-quality woodpile, but pretty all the same. 🙂

It’s also my daughter’s 10th birthday this month, which means I have been a mother for a decade. A milestone for sure.

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support … hope to see you along the road.



  1. A few years back I came across a video on Youtube of you and Chris doing a song together and really loved it. I’ve since purchased all of you cds and both my wife and I thoroughly enjoy them. I was really happy for you when I saw that you won your Juno award for “The Raven’s Sun”. Your getting together with Megan Blanchard who I also found out about that day and Ashley Condon sounds like some good music is being made. It would be great if a recording came out of this. I’m from way down here in Baltimore, Md but PEI sounds very nice. My daughter went there on her honeymoon and was a big fan of Ann of Green Gables.

  2. A little over a year ago. I came across you and Chris on youtube. I really connected with the music. Being a music lover. I have so many genres i love. I think you both are very talented. Its a shame only being across from Canada. Before 911 i would go to Ontario and see music. Never needed a passport. Hopefully you guys will come to Michigan someday. If not i will have to visit Canada. I wish you both much success and blessings. I enjoyed the Eastren Belles too. Thank You for the Music!!! <3

  3. So glad you’re back writing your blog. I so enjoy your stories. Very excited that you’ve joined with Meaghan and Ashley to write and sing together. I’m a big fan of Meaghan as well as you and haven’t heard Ashley live yet but know I will love her too. A special happy 10th birthday to your lovely daughter. Can’t believe she’s ten already. Belated congrats on your Juno and can’t wait to hear you live again.

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