Songwriting with Sam Carter

Hey everyone,

Back in PEI to begin songwriting with the UK’s Sam Carter. A musical exchange of sorts…

I was hoping the weather would be nicer for Sam’s first trip to the Maritimes, but rain is rather nice for writing, I think! We’ll be traveling around the Maritimes as well doing shows in Moncton, Halifax, PEI and Fredericton.

I have just returned from a brief trip to Ontario where Chris and I did many hours of driving back and forth on the 401. Thank goodness we had great shows or else it would have been dreadful Hard to believe that Toronto has the worst traffic in North America and the longest average commute. Where are they all going??? Endless streams of traffic. I’m really happy to be back on the Dixon Road, the quiet and peace.

Thanks to everyone who came out to those shows, and hope to see you again.

For those of you in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the UK, I’m coming soon! Check my dates fir details.

Now, I’m off to bed for a good night’s sleep. Perhaps my dreams will spark some inspiration for writing with Sam!