Spring cleaning

Last night I got my car all the way up my driveway for the first time since the big snow came. This means it is spring… even though it’s not really spring, but sort of, kind of. Now I don’t have to drag a sleeping six-year-old up the lane, in the dark, with 7 bags of groceries in hand.

Also, even though my alarm still goes off at 6:45, we are now waking to the warmth of the sun through my window. Amazing.

Also amazing that I am an independent musician who wakes at 6:45 every weekday morning. (Or, rather, most mornings – ish)

Tomorrow I head away again from my country solitude, into the fast rushing round of Toronto and onto Alberta. Sadly, I’m only playing two shows on this little trip, but the exciting https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-adderall-online/ part is that I already know what I want to eat, and where. FOOD. Obsession.The shows are in Nanton, AB on the 16th and Edmonton on the 17th. Details here: www.catherinemaclellan.com/shows.php

So, with spring, comes cleaning and I’ve got that urge.

I think I will go through all my old songs and make demos so that I can catalog all the unrecorded things. Yesterday I made Chris help me with my 12 bags of recycling, a winter’s worth. And now that I can get my car close to the house, I will clean that too! Exciting. I know…

So here’s to spring and getting moving again, clearing the cobwebs and making room for space and beauty and light. And also to sitting on a patio with a cool glass in your hand.Image



  1. Hi Catherine ! When are you coming in Quebec city ? We are looking forward to see you in our area !! Look for L’Impérial de Québec, Le Capitole, Le Palais Montcalm, L’Espace Hypérion, etc or Le Festival Folk de Québec.

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