Home for a while…. next – Manitoba

Well, I am back from Ontario, Quebec, Ireland and Nova Scotia.

I had an incredibly busy winter and now I’m excited to celebrate the first day of spring!!!
Can it be true? It sure doesn’t feel like spring tonight in PEI. The snow is blowing and the ice keeps forming but the moon is out and my cats are acting feverish.
Another clue that it might actually be spring: I have been cleaning.
Yes, today my mother, bless her heart, took pity on me and came to my house for a good old fashioned cleaning session. We managed to make a noticeable difference in my severely neglected house. Now I can sweep out the dust and cobwebs in my brain and try to get some work done. (We won’t discuss tax season or my scary refrigerator.)

So much has been going on in the world (Libya, Japan, New Zealand, Yemen, etc…) that my newest goal is to realize how blessed I am to be in this country, in this house, in this position of being able to go on tour as a musician. I mean, really, it’s a bit ridiculous. I go around singing sad heartbreak songs while we are worried about nuclear meltdowns, civil war raging in the streets and mega earthquakes and tsunamis. The only thing I can really do is be thankful, be concerned and work hard.

So work hard I will continue to do.

Next stop – Manitoba. And I don’t just mean Winnipeg. I’m going to be doing 12 or 13 house shows in the province of my ancestors. If you are in Manitoba, please check out my website to see where these shows will be.
After that I am back home for a few shows in the Maritimes https://healthychildrenfl.com/buy-modafinil-online/ with my bad uncle Ron Hynes. (Saint John and Summerside.) After that I get to go to the festival I’ve been waiting 3 years to get to – the Strawberry Festival in northern California. A cabin on a lake at the edge of Yosemite for four days while listening to a lot of great music sounds dreamy. All this while the world turns.

On top of the traveling, I am preparing to release my record on May 31st, my fourth on True North Records. “Silhouettes” is a collection of songs that I recorded with my PEI band in a log house in the PEI hills. These songs range from sad heart break to not cheating to death, dying and depression.

ALRIGHT. Well, I have a lot of work to do, so I’ll sign off here and get to it.
I’ll be keeping my eye on the Junos next week to see if any of my friends get to take one home. The East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs) are happening while I’m in Manitoba, so I’ll also watch that one from afar.

Hope you are all safe, loved and healthy tonight.

PS: If you haven’t heard my dear friend Tanya Davis’ new record – Clocks and Heart Keep Going – please check her out here: www.tanyadavis.ca

PPS: I did try the oysters in Ireland. Just once, but at a very reputable restaurant. I have to say, they just were no match for Prince Edward Island’s jewels. I do wonder if it’s possible to get the natural Irish oyster. The only ones available were transplants of Pacific oysters. C’mon. Gross.

Chris with the Tpne King dream amps

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  1. Catherine – I am so looking forward to your next release! I really enjoyed Water in the Ground – what a great album and enjoyable on so many levels. We really dig your relaxed and easy-going style, and the combination of your voice and tasteful acoustic instrumental accompaniment (we enjoy listening to your music on our boat, especially when anchored off shore on a quiet afternoon or evening).
    I just finished listening to a podcast of your performance at the Halifax CBC studio, and am looking forward to hearing studio versions of some of the songs, including “Black Crow” which will touch a lot of families, I’m sure.
    Best wishes, Ben

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