Hey folks,

writing to you from outside Belfast… it’s so beautiful here, and we’ve been welcomed by friends and mild weather.
Waiting for a beautiful meal that’s being prepared for us, I thought I’d let you know what’s going on.

I’m here in Ireland with Dave Gunning, Ron Hynes and (soon) Rose Cousins. A little maritime reunion here.
So far so good, I have survived being sleep deprived and am looking forward to our first show tomorrow at the Blackbox in Belfast.

This is my first time in Ireland and I really like the pace of it. Reminds me of the Canadian maritimes in a way.
Tomorrow, my goal is to eat some oysters. Ireland boasts having the best oysters in the world, but until I try them I won’t believe it. PEI oysters are too dreamy to think there are better ones out there. I will let you know!

I’m am so lucky to be here.

More soon,

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  1. Hey Catherine,
    What a treat for Ireland, to not only have the pleasure to hear your beautiful voice and songs but to also enjoy the great compnay you are keeping. Enjoy your tour
    Come back to Fredericton soon looking forward to your next album.
    Vicki Thomas

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