Lyrics: Water In The Ground

Take a Break

I worked in the fields all day
I didn’t stop once not even to complain
Yeah, I worked next to you all day
No wonder I didn’t complain

If you want to take a break, take a break
If you want to keep going we’ll keep going straight
If you want to take a break, take a break
Take a break…

No, I never worked so hard in my life
Never felt so tired, felt so right.
No, I never worked so hard in my life
Never felt so tired, felt so alive.


You know I could do this till kingdom come
Working all day next to my hon’
Yeah, I could do this till kingdom come
But we only have to do it till the work is done.


Water in the Ground

I’ve been waiting for you here
No, I don’t have to fear that you won’t arrive
I’m going for a drive all around the world
When I return I will be your girl
I’ll be your girl

All the snow will melt into the stream
Leading me back to where I want to be
Right by your side watching as the leaves
Pour out of the trees, everything’s alive
Everything’s alive.

I never could have guessed you’d be the one
Two separate worlds coming undone
Tie ‘em up together round and round
Water from the heavens pouring in the ground

I’m taking you with me
When I have to go, you’re not a memory,
You’re in my heart, you’re in my mind.
It’s just a bit of time we have to spend apart

Soon I’ll be back in your arms
And I’ll give you anything you need
I’ll whisper hold me till I’m warm
Hold me till I am the air you breathe
Please, please, please….


Hotel Stairs

I’ve been waiting for you in my own way
Everything was through when you came
That’s when we stood, as long as we could
At the top of those hotel stairs

Your voice was warming up my heart
Tore down those walls, shone a light in the dark
It’s more than it seemed, it was just like a dream
At the top of those hotel stairs

Now everyone is dreaming, I’m awake somehow
Now my heart is screaming “Come here now,
Come here now, come here now…”

We left the awards for the party
Got out of there by the morning
Needed to sleep, stole us some keys
Then we climbed up those hotel stairs

Now you’ve gone back to my old home
I’ve gone back to my new one
But I’ll be with you soon, I’m making room
For the love found on those hotel stairs


Isabel’s Song

You are a dream of love, truly
You have my heart and my heart has me
Darling, I don’t quite know where to start
I love you, you have my heart

If I could give you just one thing
It would not be a diamond ring
It would not be something that money could buy
I’ll give you this heart of mine

I don’t know what I would do without you
My life has changed, it’s true
There is no going back after you, Love…

Ask what you like and I’ll do what I can
I’ll hold you tonight, won’t let go of your hands
These hard years lie now in the past
For I see that our love will last


Something Gold

Jesus said he loved me so
I believe that, you know
Sure I believe in the ghost, I believe in the sun
I believe that we all were holy once

But now our sins are catching up
From our father’s drinking cup
To the oldest of wines that we pour from the flask
The things that we should but we never do ask

I think my sister’s got it right
Follow through and don’t lose sight
Of all the things that kept you safe as a child
And brought you back from the edges of wild

If I ever learned a thing
It was that my own wedding ring
Was made of metal that I can not break
When I took it off my poor heart it did ache

But that metal can be melted down
And bad love, it can turn around
It can turn up a brand new street of it’s own
And turn into something sweet, something gold…

All Those Years

That old log home, tucked beneath that hill
It stands there still but it’s someone else’s now
And the ghosts of my past just drift on alone

Every clear summer’s night, we’d stare in awe at the stars
All the ones you couldn’t see in the city at any time
And the sound of those nights sure had rhythm and rhyme

But all those years,
They melt down into tears and into laughter
Memories of before and some from after,
After you
And all those dreams that we would dream together
Now are fading
Yeah we would talk together, yes we’d daydream
All those years

We never stayed in one place, just couldn’t stick around
It’s in our blood it seems, No we can’t tie ourselves down
Go from home to home and town to town

Well I don’t want it back
All the things we knew but still there’s something
That I can not work through
Was it all for nothing?
All those years
So I’ll leave this here
Bury all these chains and all this madness
Remember in my heart I’m glad I had this
All those years

Set This Heart on Fire

I’m gonna sit right down and put my pen to paper
I’m gonna sit right down and make myself a list
I’m gonna make a list and your names gonna be on it
I’m gonna make a list and thank you for what you done

Yes, I’m gonna thank you for what you done
I ain’t gonna forget it
I’m gonna thank you for what you done
And set this heart on fire

I’m gonna set this heart on fire
It’s gonna burn so bright
I’m gonna set this heart on fire
And bring this world some light

I’m gonna go outside and plant myself a garden
I’m gonna go outside and dig deep in that earth
I’m gonna dig deep in that earth, You reap just what you sow
I’m gonna dig deep in that earth and set this heart on fire

All Our Sorrows Drown

If all I had to give you was this little song
I would hope that you would know that’s all we need to carry on
But as the sun sets lower and the days slow down
You’ll be gone to where you’re going, I’ll be stuck here in this town
Yeah, I’ll just be hanging around

Here I go again, my heart out on the line
I’ve been at least once or twice and I’m not afraid of trying
So maybe you could love me and we could last a while
Two hearts marching to one beat and walking many miles

But all the leaves have fallen
All the trees are standing cold
Wanna hear you calling
Wanna see you walking back to me

Soon the sun will warm me and I’ll lay on thick, fresh grass
And hear the sounds of your footsteps approaching me at last
I’ll throw my arms around you, and pull you to the ground
And we will laugh ‘til that sun sets and all our sorrows drown

Not Much To Do (Not Much To Say)

I’ve got a feeling that I gotta stop all this grieving
You let me down but now I’m healing
I ain’t a dog for you no more

My voice has been choking,
But that’s just me, I’m very soft spoken
And when my heart’s a little bit broken
Not much to do, not much to say

Not much to do, not much to say
Would’ve been yours till the end of days
Not much to do, not much to say
You gone off, but here I stay

Summer has been calling
At first it felt wrong but I was just stalling
Wanted to the snow to keep on falling
But now I’ve got my red dress on

Kick off my heels, I’m going dancing
I don’t need your love, don’t need your chances
I’m doing just fine, don’t need you asking
Not much to do, not much to say

Again from the Start

I have been on so many long roads
Friends come along but must leave you alone
If I could go back, I don’t think I would
Time goes by so fast when everything’s good

Money’s a chaser, pain is a tool
My head’s a prison, my heart’s a fool
The sun shines on good days and even on bad
Sometimes the sweet rains were all that I had

I don’t have love, just memories of love
And cruel imitations that set me on fire
Well I keep on running from heart to heart
Every time beginning again from the start

Lend me a hand, here on these dark days
We’ll dig in the soil and we’ll dance for the rain
Well I see things are growing and soon we will feast
And we’ll waltz around the sleeping beast

Everything’ll Be Alright

All of our days, racing away
You gotta be somewhere, or I gotta be somewhere
But all of our hours spent here together
Just like precious jewels we dig from the earth

Well, don’t you worry anymore
We’ll let the rain fall, we’ll let the sun shine
And everything’ll be alright

You keep on saying that you just don’t know
But if we knew everything life would be boring
So I’ll guard my heart and still let you in
Cause you bring me so much joy that I can’t replace


I don’t need all of you, I just want to love you
Find a little place to hide away
Give ourselves a few days and when we’re good and ready
We’ll come back to the city and start again…

Flowers on Your Grave

Flowers on your grave
I wish that I could stay
A little while with you
I’ll tell you all the news

All the new things born
How time can heal some wounds
How laughter is the cure
It fills our empty rooms

I won’t forget all the good things you gave us
For now let’s pretend that you never left…
That you never left

Lightening in the sky
The trees are blowing wild
My heart is in this ground
My tears they burn like fire

I’ll tie a little string
Round the stone that bears your name
A token from my hands
To show you that I came

I won’t forget all the good things you gave us
For now let’s pretend that you never left
I won’t forget all the good things you gave us
For now let’s pretend that you never left…
That you never left