Lazy, hazy days of summer…

I just got back from a lovely trip to Ontario… had an amazing time wandering around folk festivals and new towns and old cities.

We made it to Ear Falls, in Northwestern Ontario, for the Trout Forest music festival. I’ve never felt quite so far from a coast, but with the thousands of lakes filled with pristine water and pelicans flying over head, I felt close to the water. It was a beautiful time and I have to say the highlights for me were seeing C.R. Avery with the Weber Brothers making the crowd dance and reuniting with my friend Petunia on stage. (Not to mention the kazoo and harmonica duo between C.R. and Petunia on my song!)

We headed then to Toronto to hang out for a few days and got to eat some amazing food at Julie’s Cuban Restaurant and see a lot of friends in a short amount of time. (Thank you Joanne for the perfect late-night coffee and gelato date.)

Hitting the road again, we made our way to the beautiful hall in Meaford, a gem of a theatre in a sweet town on Georgian Bay. Again, even though we were very far from the shorelines of PEI, we felt very much at home on the white sandy beaches and water-side towns.

Just another 20 minutes or so away from Meaford, we found ourselves at Summerfolk in Owen Sound. We had perfect weather and a great time meeting old and new friends. I finally had the chance to hang out with Kathleen Edwards on stage and was melted by her main stage set on the Saturday night. Her 3-piece band was perfect and nice to see my friend Aaron Goldstein on pedal steel.

I was honoured to share the stage with so many greats, including one of my heroes Laura Smith. She is so graceful and powerful and wise and weathered. So many great performances there, I really could go on forever. Anyway, thanks to James Keelaghan and all the organizers and volunteers there. An incredibly well run festival.

Now we are back home with a few days to spend on the beach in PEI and a few celebrations to attend before heading to Grand Manan island for the Summer’s End Folk Fest and then Shelter Valley Folk Festival in Grafton Ontario. Image

Hope to see you along the road!



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  1. The simple pleasure of eating watermelon in summer!!!! Still hoping you find a way to make it to the US East Coast soon. Really want to see you perform again!

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