Summer coming…

Festival of Small Halls

I just sent Isabel off on the school bus and I’m sitting at my kitchen table trying to get some work done.

There’s always so much to do and so little time it seems. My garden waits patiently for me to get my act together. Yesterday I planted the tomatoes, beets and carrots… but there’s a whole patch of garden space that doesn’t even have a purpose yet.

After getting back from Italy last month, I had a hard time getting motivated, but that feeling is starting to come. Perhaps it was just the lack of Italian coffee in my life that caused my laziness. Or the abundance of Italian wine…

Songs are starting to buzz around my little brain again, which means I should have a few new ones to share throughout the summer.

PEI’s bravest little festival is starting up this week, the Festival of Small Halls (, and all this weekend I’ll be running from one sweet little country hall to another. It’s such a great use for these amazing spaces that were once an integral part of every community and now sit most of the year empty and quiet.

Friday night I’ll be part of a song circle at the Victoria Playhouse with David Francey, Dennis Ellsworth and Nudie (of Nudie and the Turks.) Saturday I’ll be going song for song with the fierce and fabulous Mr Francey in Murray Harbour. And Sunday night I’ll be part of Singalong Jubilee tribute at the Long Creek Church.

Those are just the shows I’m involved in, but every night for about 10 days, there’s a ton of music and story telling littered among all the beautiful, small towns and villages of Prince Edward Island. I hope to see you there!

Most of this summer I’m planning on staying pretty close to home. Dave Gunning and I will be sharing the stage in July at the Indian River Festival. The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival is on this August. And the Evolve Festival near Antigonish has also invited me to play. Mostly quiet and quaint, exactly how I like my summers to be. And when you live on Prince Edward Island, that means beaches, oysters and campfires.

I’ll take it!

See you on the beach…



4 comments on “Summer coming…

  1. Catherine Mclellan and David Francey on the same stage … I should be in the audience

  2. Good luck with your concerts this week. If I’m feeling well enough, I’ll try to attend some. Feel free to visit sometime for coffee or tea. I’m home most days. I enjoy reading your blog. Perry

  3. ooh new songs buzzing 🙂 can’t wait to hear them. Hope you are enjoying the beach, campfires and oysters!

  4. Hi Catherine. I met you at the Victoria edition of “Small Halls”–came backstage & got your autograph on my copy of Silhouette. I took Church Bell Blues & Silhouette with me on my last road trip (I drive long haul), but never even got to Silhouette. I was just savouring the many fine tunes on Church…this is a finely crafted album, and thankyou for it. I can certainly relate to the garden & the beach, as my wife & I have a huge vegetable garden here in Victoria, and went for a swim to open our day here. I’m looking forward to hearing Silhouette on my next trip starting Sunday, and a plus is my old friend Reg Ballagh’s hand in its creation, too. Warm appreciation for some honest and fine music, and do keep up the fine work.

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