Silhouette… out today!

Hey folks,

Just back from the Stan Rogers Folk Festival in Canso, NS. It is truly one of the last “real” folk festivals, in the tradition of the 60’s folks song and singer/songwriters with a good mix of traditional Irish and Scottish music thrown in as well. We had a great time playing and seeing old friends, making new ones.

Today is the day when my new record, “Silhouette” finally gets fully released in Canada…. the rest of the world must wait until September of this year.
It’s been a long strange trip these last few years and my music has changed along with me. It’s still very much me but I think my sense of humour towards life has gotten a bit better, my heart has been all over the map and my perspective on the world has gotten bigger.
I realized, just today, that this is the first album I have made that doesn’t have a song written about the loss of my father, Gene MacLellan. It is also the first time I have recorded a cover song and, coincidentally, the song is my father’s “Snowbird.” Dad is still with me, on this journey.

I just returned home from a lovely brunch with my mom, my sister Rachel and her boys, and my sister-in-law Chantal and her youngest girls. After I left, giving them all a copy of “Silhouette” my sister Rachel texted me surprised and excited that Jim Cuddy sings on Snowbird with me. I thought to myself,”Yeah, that is pretty cool.” It hadn’t occurred to me before!

The album starts with an upbeat number about not cheating, into a song about war, then being far from home. There is a song about feeling good and watching out for my friends, one for a friend who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, one about my struggles with depression and a good few about loneliness and heart ache.

I hope that people enjoy this record and can relate to the emotions and experiences I’ve put down in song… thanks to David Baxter who co-produced it with me. Thanks to my band, especially Chris, who made this music with me and Chris who was there in the process when I couldn’t be.
Thanks so much to True North Records for believing in my thing and continuing to let me be me.

And of course, thanks to all of you out there in the world who like what I do and support me in your own ways.

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  1. Just sitting here listening to the CD- My sons were in HMV today and heard it playing. They have a band- more rock but they were really drawn in by your sound. My oldest said- ‘mum’s gonna love this’- he’s right. I have to say I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing your music before. Can’t wait to share it my friend Renata in BC. Absolutely sweet and transporting- probably transforming too…ahhhh- thanks!

  2. Picked up Silhouette at the small hall in Lot 16 and am loving every bit of it, thanks for making such amazing music!

  3. I was at the show in Victoria this evening. What an intimate venue for such an intimate show. I came to the show at the suggestion of my sister Anna. My sister Catherine “Kate”, and my brother Dan were there as well. You were kind enough to sign copies of your new CD for my sisters.

    I have to say I enjoyed the show very much. I love live music but don’t get out as much as I would like to. I have to say I had never heard of you before this evening but at the same token, I will never forget this evening…you had such a presence on stage and I think everyone felt at times to really connect with your lyrics, I know I did. I closed my eyes in a few of the songs and just floated along with them….

    It was a absolute pleasure to here you play and smile. I read your last blog entry and could sence you are in a much better space now than in the past. It shows on stage.

    We are here from BC, for a dedication cerimony for our father who passed away last year. I was sorry to read that you had lost your father as well in your blog…. if you play in Vancouver I will hopefully be able to make time to hear you play again…as my father used to tell me,”if you don’t make time for yourself knowone else will”,

    Again, it was a pleasure to have met you and thank you for the memory.


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