Home, home on the range…

Hey folks,
Back again on the Dixon Road once more… home of legendary parties, great food, wonderful neighbours, and me. I am one lucky folk singer.

I just got back from a trip to San Francisco and Yosemite where Chris and I played the amazing Strawberry Music Festival. So, imagine being in one of the most beautiful places on earth (Yosemite National Park) and getting to listen to some of your favourite bands while hanging out with some of your best (and perhaps newest) friends. Now imagine getting paid for this and being able to perform your art in front of all these amazing people. Wow.
I had been waiting for this gig for over a year. Even more, since originally when asked 3 years ago I couldn’t attend. It did not let me down, expectations were met.

Now I’m back to my garden, my girl, my cats… Trying to get some work done, my life organized, my house clean.
My album is somewhat released at this point, although not OFFICIALLY until June 14th. I think. I don’t really know anymore, as the date has kept changing. Regardless, I’ve sold a few copies and was thrilled to get the actual disc into my hands. Now to convince True North that they really do want to make a vinyl version. Unlikely, for now.
So far reviews have been positive of my new album, called Silhouette. The artwork (design by Ryan Hutchinson and photos by Kyle Cunjak) is awesome. I’m very happy with that.
I also think we captured some great performances by all involved. Jadea Kelly sings a lot of backup and I think it is truly beautiful what she brings to my songs. My PEI band was in fine form and the other guests were absolute pros.

Off to Toronto in a week or two to do some press stuff, then back to PEI again for the Festival of Small Halls ( This is a really special festival that takes place in the many small community halls across our little province. Bands and artists from all over PEI, the Maritimes, and the world will be joining us yet again.

Well, I should go sleep now… waiting for Saturday and the second game in the Stanley Cup final round. Boston vs Vancouver. I admit to being a Canucks fan, so I’ll be watching.

Me and Old Man Luedecke at the Strawberry Music Festival