Here I Am

Hey Folks,

I’m slowly transferring all of my old posts over here to WordPress. It’s been a long time overdue. Myspace has been failing me in so many ways for so long. Soon I will give it up entirely.

It is very winterish here in PEI. Snow covers everything and will be here to stay until April, most likely. It’s quite beautiful and I would be mostly content to sit around and watch winter pass me by. Alas, I have a lot of touring and working to do over the next few months.
My record is almost finished, but won’t be making it’s public debut until late May or early June. I’ll at least have it for festivals and a thorough Canadian tour in the fall.
Check out my upcoming shows on my website because I’m going to be a bit all over the place. Halifax, Boston, Fredericton, Ontario, Quebec, Ireland, Manitoba….

I’m really excited about how my record is turning out. It is very “me”. At least the me I am now. There is some lovely minimalistic moments, lots of bird songs, heartfelt honesty and a little rock and roll. I can’t quite figure out what the theme of the record is, but I’m looking into it for inspiration for the artwork.

Hope winter is treating you all well…
thanks for supporting live and independent music.

Reg’s drums… reg’s studio…reg’s home!

One comment on “Here I Am

  1. Front row center in Truro tonight. Pleasant surprise; although CBC radio play sounds nice, your joint actual presence actually added. To my ears, a young Loretta Lynn at times doing western swing. A cheerful presentation of sometimes potentially sad songs.

    A guitar sound I don’t often here anymore. At times a modern take on 1950’s sound including Santo and Johnny (Sleepwalk).
    Aside from the photo, is Chris elsewhere on this site?

    Good stuff, both of you.

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