Texas to Toronto

Originally posted : March 17, 2010

These days are all seeming like a blur. People and places whizzing past as I jet around this crazy world of ours. And it’s a beautiful thing.
I’m finding myself a bit out of whack today. It doesn’t seem real, but the weather in Austin is amazing. This is the best of a Prince Edwards Island summer, but I’m in Texas and it’s March. My body hasn’t quite adjusted yet to the change, and the buzz of all the music and crowds around me keeps me in a bit of a daze.
I’ve been very fortunate lately, winning a bunch of awards (Canadian Folk Music Award for Solo Performer of the Year, East Coast Music awards for Folk Recording and Female Performer…), being on stage with some of my heros (Gordon Lightfoot, Gord Downie…) and also finding time to create, write, and be a mom.
I am certainly not an over acheiver, but I’m somehow managing to fit all this in.
After this weekend is over here in Austin, I head towards Ontario with my band and I can’t wait. We’ll be hitting a few cities and towns on this mini tour – London, Kingston, Wakefield, the Eastern Townships… but the show I’m really looking forward to is at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto. Perhaps it’s because Toronto is like a second home these days. Mostly, though, I think it’s because that particular night I’ll be sharing the stage with a few of my dear friends.
I’ve invited some of my closest friends to sing and play with me. Among them are Joanne Mackell (Toronto country queen), David Gavan Baxter (as CBC calls him – Canada’s oldest emerging artist), Jack Marks (his debut album “Two of Everything” is a must hear) and Shelley Coopersmith (one of Toronto’s finest fiddle players.)
For me, music is about the heart, about friendship and love, and to be able to have my friends onstage with me brings everything back to the ground and then elevates it to that place where the heart rules. That is where I feel at home. Hope to see you on the road somewhere…